Ghana: EOS Data Analytics partners with Complete Farmer to boost agritech

EOS Data Analytics is a global provider of AI-powered satellite imagery analytics.

The company has announced a partnership with Complete Farmer, a Ghana-based demand-driven digital agriculture platform that enables users to own and manage their farms digitally as well as buy and sell quality farm produce without intermediaries.

EOS Data Analytics and Complete Farmer’s partnership will contribute to the precision agriculture development in the African region by spreading the word about the value of satellite technology in everyday farming activities.

The main goal of the new partnership is to establish Complete Farmer and EOSDA leadership with regard to innovation and technology in the African agricultural market.

To meet this target, the partners will highlight Complete Farmer’s use of precision farming technology that helps improve cost-effectiveness, increase crop yields, and give growers on its platform a competitive advantage.

Also, the companies will stress EOSDA’s role in this initiative as a provider of satellite-powered analytics.

Furthermore, the companies intend to win over more global buyers for Ghana’s agricultural market in general and Complete Farmer’s platform in particular by promoting cutting-edge farming technologies and emphasizing their value for African agriculture development.


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