International Fund For Agricultural Development promoting youth employment in Grenada

Two of the most significant challenges Grenada faces are common ones for small island developing states: high levels of youth unemployment, currently over 40 per cent, and vulnerability of agricultural production to climate change and climate shocks.

By combining sustainable climate-smart agricultural practices with the development of small enterprises, the Climate-Smart Agriculture and Rural Enterprise Programme (SAEP) is expected to lead to a significant increase in the production levels and income of the young people taking part.

The goal of the programme is to contribute to the reduction of poverty and vulnerability in rural communities, benefiting around 7,500 households (54 per cent of all rural poor households in the country).

To achieve these objectives, SAEP is investing in professional training for youth, including counselling and life-skills.

They also provide a children day-care scheme to help young parents take part in the training.

In the following video, you can hear directly from some of the project participants how these activities are changing their lives.

Lornell Albert always dreamt of having his own business and now she thinks her dream is closer, thanks to the training provided by the SAEP.

You can watch other activities are changing their live other videos here.

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