Ghana: Delays at checkpoints cause post-harvest losses & high food prices

Delays, harassment and extortion by police officials in Ghana’s Northern Region have been contributing to post-harvest losses, which are causing an upsurge in food prices.

The Peasant Farmers Association of Ghana (PFAG) believes that the reduction in stoppage time and checkpoints for cargo vehicles carrying food products will tremendously lessen the holdups that contribute to post-harvest losses even before produce arrives in the markets.

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The group says farmers. aggregators and traders have been left with no option than to factor in cost of the losses and spread it to cover the few harvests that are able to make it to market in order to benefit from the investment made. This, instructively, raises the cost of foodstuffs on the market.

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The group maintained that activities of some police personnel along the major highways continue to hamper free and smooth movement of agricultural goods to major markets in the southern sector.

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