Cashew production in Ghana: Dynamics and sector capabilities

Cashew (Anacardium occidentale) is a tropical crop that grows well in all kinds of soil types.

It is known to do well even in poor, semi-arid and transitional geographical zones.

It grows well in areas with annual total rainfall of between 900mm and 1,400mm and with distinctive wet and dry seasons.

Cashew  is one of the most important exportable offers in the Non Traditional Export (NTE) portfolio in Ghana.

It is the leading product in the agribusiness sector, under the NTE categorization – Ghana’s leading NTE earner after processed cocoa

The infographic below provides some information on raw cashew nut export and the key countries across the globe.

For further information and the value proposition from the perspective of Ghana, 

The main varieties of the commodity are the following:

  1. Brazilian variety
  2. Tanzania variety
  3. Benin Variety

These varieties are of high quality and taste, and are produced largely by medium and small-scale farmers in the rural areas mostly using organic production methods.

The sector is well organized with sufficient infrastructural support, haulage, production inputs and more importantly the support of the government in the area of finance, policy and infrastructure.

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Reasons to buy

Importing Ghanaian cashew will give you several great advantages including:

  • Consistency of supply of large volumes of the commodity
  • Certainty of supply of high quality cashew all year round
  • Very strong sector associations supporting regulations and certification compliance
  • Most big companies producing and exporting crushed cashew have certifications
  • Deliberate government interventions to strengthen and boost the supply base
  • Well-developed value chain of the commodity

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Trade Performance

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Source: Ghana Export Promotion Authority

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