Tanzania: Non-chemical fertiliser gaining ground

Hakika Organic Fertiliser is a locally manufactured, non-chemical fertilizer.

It was launched last week in Tanzania’s Njombe region, and encountered enthusiasm and eagerness by extension officers and avocado growers.

Industry experts say the new product will improve soil health, promote productivity and contribute to increasing exports of fruits, greens and roots.

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Retired extension officers, Sixtus Ngonyani, Florence Mapunda and Gerald Mhagama and avocado growers praised the efforts by researchers and manufacturers of the product and also government efforts towards paying attention to soil health.

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Florence Mapunda said many farmers do not know that overuse of chemical fertilisers harms soil health.

“They do not know this. But it is a fact. We must use fertilisers, but we have to be careful in using these fertiliser,” she cautioned.

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Mapunda appealed to extension officers to encourage farmers to use the product along with animal droppings and composite.

Source: ippmedia.com

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