Tanzania revokes eleven undeveloped farm lands

Tanzanian President, Samia Suluhu Hassan has revoked the title deeds of eleven undeveloped farms with a total size of 24,119 acres in the Kilosa District of Mongoro region.

The president ordered that the farms should be offered to the residents of the region to carry out economic activities such as agriculture, livestock farming, and investments among others.

Minister for Lands, Housing and Human Settlements Development, Mr. William Lukuvi speaking on behalf of the president made this known during his official visit to the Morogoro region on Tuesday.

President Samia also approved the restoration of 49 large farms with a total size of 45,788.5 acres that had been nationalised in the previous years.

The move is aimed at putting into good use idle farmlands that can be beneficial to the state if well utilised.

Some of the farms include those previously owned by Sumagro Ltd located at Madoto (7,712 acres), Bumagro Ltd Kivungu (5,660 acres), M/S Sino Development (T) Ltd (6,945 acres), Abdallah Islam (307 acres), Mifugo Magairo la Magole (489 acres) and MS Masoni Company (466 acres).

Others were owned by Mitibora (T) Ltd (511 acres) and Ibrahim Magairo (516 acres).

William, however, warned that the decision to revoke the ownership of the farms was not an approval to randomly occupy the farms without following proper procedures.

He further explained that a special team has been tasked with the responsibility of designing a land-use plan, particularly for the large farms, warning against people who would attempt to block the team from doing its job.

“We must have a land-use plan for these farms and procedures to acquire them will be communicated by regional and district leaders. There should be no one trying to possess a piece of land without following procedures,” he said.

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