Non-Governmental Organisation urges youth to go into modernised farming

A Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), “Oman Ghana Baako”, has advised Ghanaians especially the youth not to risk their lives by traveling through unapproved routes abroad for greener pastures, but rather engage in modernised farming to become economically independent.

The group made up of Ghanaians resident abroad have taken up the initiative to invest and educate the youth in the Western North Region on the need to take farming as a serious business.

Speaking after the official inauguration and dedication of the Western North Regional office at Akontombra, Mr Alex Appiah, founder of “Oman Ghana Baako”, said they have observed the youth who are the future leaders were not willing to go into Agriculture because they see farming as difficult and not lucrative.

He said in this regard, Oman Ghana Baako has taken it upon themselves not only to invest in Agriculture but introduce modernised farming in the Region which is considered the food basket of Ghana.

Mr Appiah explained that using illegal means to seek greener pastures among the youth of the area comes with its challenges and that many of them perished in the desert, others are used for all kinds of jobs and subjected to inhumane treatment.

Mr Appuah also announced that Oman Ghana Baako would not only invest in farming but would set up small rice processing factories in the Akontombra and Adjoafua areas to process rice produced locally for export.

He called for unity among Ghanaians since that was the only way to attract foreign investors.

“We would use our experience abroad to help improve upon the lives of the youth across the country through livelihood programmes such as rice farming and other cereals as well as beekeeping”.

He commended the chiefs of Akontombra, Esaase, and Adjoafua for accepting the initiative in their respective communities.

The chief for their part promised to give out vast land in support of the project.

Nana Kwame Boih II, the chief of Akontombra used the occasion to advise Ghanaians to actively take part in the upcoming population and housing census exercise.

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