Uganda: Demand for ginger and lemons doubles in Gulu and Kampala

In the various markets in Gulu city and Kampala, the demand for ginger and lemons has doubled.

In the past week, dozens of people have been flocking into Gulu main market, Cereleno, Olailong and Layibi markets within Gulu city, demanding ginger and lemons.

A lemon vendor at Cereleno market says that she is reaping big profits after her customer turn-out tripled since last week: “… lemon is selling good but if the lockdown persists, it will go down because we receive our items from other districts. However, it is still good.”

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A ginger seller at Gulu main market says that she can raise at least 100,000 Shillings daily and more than 50 kilograms in only three days, due to the high demand from her customers.

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In several markets in Kampala, one lemon costs 1,000 shillings yet three months ago, the same amount could purchase ten to fifteen lemons.

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Four pieces of ginger cost 1,500 Shillings, and one bulb of garlic that used to cost 1,000 Shillings now costs 2,000 shillings.

[ 100 Shillings = €0.24 ]


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