Malawi: Stakeholders deliberate on product enhancement policies

Stakeholders in the Malawian agribusiness sector converged in Lilongwe to strategise on how to combat barriers to agricultural productivity and production.

The dialogue was organised by the Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (LUANAR) through its Department of Extension and Rural Development.

The Head of Extension and Rural Development, Professor Daimon Kambewa said the food system is a complex issue, hence the need to converge experts and stakeholders to come to a resolution.

The professor revealed that there was a conflict in policymaking which has contributed to the mess created in the sector.

Kambawe added that the convergence was aimed at bringing together several ideas to best tackle the issues and concerns from all sectors.

“The dialogue is an opportunity to bring together people with different perspectives so that they can deliberate about food and agriculture systems, and understand other perspectives.

“In this process, it should influence their positions and decision on how to invest in agriculture. Also, it would help with policies to improve the country’s food systems,” he said.

Director for Bunda Campus of LUANAR, Agnes Mwangwela said the dialogue was important because they also depend on farmers to produce food with which to feed the nation and also access quality raw materials for various industries.

Mwangwela who is also an entrepreneur in food processing attested to the fact that the lack of organized policies is limiting the production of quality products hence the need for dialogue.

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