Agric sector needs Successful Icons to motivate the youth into the sector – 2018 National Best Farmer

The agriculture sector is a successful economic venture that has produced many successful icons in the country.

Yet little is showcased on those icons as it is seen in the other sectors like the political, banking, mining, etc. to arouse the youth’s interest in the sector.

Coupling with the other vital policy implementations to attract the youth into the agriculture sector, Mr. James Boateng, 2018 National Best Farmer believes that publicizing successful people in the sector is a tool to attract the youth in the sector.

He said there are successful icons in the state who had their fortunes from the agriculture sector that should be publicized.

According to him, the impression that agriculture is for the poor and backward people could be erased when successful icons like himself and others are showcased and advocate to compel the youth into the sector.

Speaking, Mr. Boateng emphasized that agriculture has not been advertised properly because most of the youth who risk their lives in the desert traveling to Libya to seek greener pastures do pay a higher amount of money than they could have used that money to venture into the agriculture sector.

“People are still drifting to Libya despite the instability, you cannot go to Libya if you don’t have money. Why are we not encouraging the youth to use such money to divert it into agriculture? In Brong Ahafo where lands are available and rich, they still try going to Libya despite dying in the desert because we are not sending the message down to them”, Mr. Boateng said.

“Part of this problem is from the policymakers and the government, part of it is because we don’t have enough advocates. There are other farmers who are even more successful than me but how are we using them?” he questioned.

He commended the media for doing their maximum best to promote the agriculture sector. He urged the youth to demonstrate the interest in farming and the assistance would commence.

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