Akua Saucy strikes again with another l£aked video playing with her t0¬t0

Ghanaian lady known as Akua Saucy on her social media handles has lately been causing chaos on social media especially Twitter after a private video of her doing the unthinkable hits online.

Akua Saucy who is blessed with huge milkshakes is popular Ghanaian Twitter, where displays her assets which every guy wants to have a feel of.

Because she believes she is endowed, she usually flaunts her melons to spite the guys on her timeline only for one hard guy to give out GH¢50 and get her raw goodies in full HD video .

We could not keep up with all the videos of Akua Saucy earlier but here is another.

In this video, Akua Saucy is wearing pink lace l¡ng€rie before getting it off and start playing with herself.

The first video made people go crazy and this one will make you even crazier.

In-case you want to see what she was doing in the video , click here to watch.

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