Crop protection: Agro Charger and Agro Clean to boast farmers harvests

Countryman Premium Company, based in the Ashanti Region has come out with farming products to support Ghanaian farmers to increase their harvests.

The factory for the organic Nano Formulation for agriculture is coming up at Adidwan in Mampong Municipality of the Ashanti Region of Ghana.

Countryman Premium Company limited plans to expand its operations by replacing the present Agro chemical products, introduce new technology and expand its Organic Nano Formulation operations and all other related business.

Agrochemicals are generally recognized as a significant factor in enhancing the ability to meet Ghana’s need for sufficient, safe and affordable food and fiber, however, increased usage have led to environmental deterioration. In Ghana agriculture and public health sectors remain the major contributors of pollutants into the environment.

The use of present Agro chemical in farming as well as other related businesses has put threats on the lives of human beings and other living creatures.

Most of these chemicals contain poisonous substances which when emitted pollute the environment. Despite their benefits in increasing productivity, they are more of harming the living creatures which must benefit from the increased yield.

Also the recent viral pandemic (COVID 19) which has struck the global environment, taking away precious lives of human has become a fight of every nation.

To help eliminate the dangers associated with these chemicals and to also enjoy increased production, Countryman Premium Company Limited has replaced the present Agro chemical with Organic Nano Formulation. The organic Nano formulation comes in a form of ‘Agro clean’, ‘Agro charger Herbal’ and ‘Sanitizers’.

The agro clean is a 100% non toxic and carcinogenic free and readily bio degradable and herbal in nature. It provides a very Broad-Spectrum solution in an endeavor and a quest for a healthy Plant and a healthy non toxic application on the crop in the safest possible manner.

It does not have any residuals after application on the crops and the plant and does not contain any pesticides or for that matter any toxic or carcinogenic or petroleum based compounds that is detrimental to human health.

CPC Agro Charger
CPC Agro Charger

The Agro Charger Herbal on the other hand is an organic crop growth enhancer. It is neither a fertilizer nor a pesticide. Agro Charger Herbal helps boost plant growth and also speeds plant growth.

Nano Sanitizer has been manufactured to help combat the prevailing pandemic which has become a Global concern.

Countryman Premium Company targets every individual but with much emphasis on farmers and Agro chemical sellers to help boost Agriculture and also maintain serene environment for its inhabitants. With the sanitizer, the company will reach every human being in the country and beyond.

Organic Charger

The Agro Charger is an organic crop growth enhancer. It is it is both a fertilizer and a pesticide. Agro charger-herbal is a very powerful and effective organic herbal product that helps to boost plant growth. The product is very efficacious for two reasons:. It is made from plants and applied to plants and it is unbelievably small size.

Extensive field trials at various universities and government research institutes such as ICAR, ICMR, CSMCRI-CSIR facilities have shown that this magic solution aids;

Develops a robust root system speeds plant growth reduces fertilizer uptake (i.e Nitrogen, Potassium, Phosphorous, Magnesium etc) and helps detach them from the bulky fertilizer clump. This helps make nutrients more readily bioavailable and absorbable. This reduces the amount of fertilizer and manure usage.

Improves plant health and hardiness as well as boosts plant’s internal immunity from various diseases.

Protects plants from insect damage and grows; More Branches per plant, More leaves per branch, Bigger and more luscious green leaves, More yield, Bigger yield, Sweeter yield-i.e higher BRIX.

Its content; Enhances cold resistance of plants-i.e reduction of plant damage from cold weather, Yields greater harvest volumes, All these features work together to give users longer growing season with more and heartier yield.

The Benefits are numerous as it, Does not contain volatile organic compounds that may cause any harm.

Does not contain irritating fumes or odour, Very safe for users, Is readily bio-degradable, Is non-carcinogenic, Is environment friendly, Does not contain any nutagenic ingredients, It is very safe and bio-compatible, It is non-flammable, It is very cost effective, Does not require any special training in its usage and it is completely herbal and organic

Agro Clean

Agro Clean is a herbal, organic and highly efficient crop protector that helps selectively rid plants of pests, bacterial infections and fungal infections.

At the same time, it does not harm predator pests, natural enemies, pollinating agents, crops and human beings. Agro clean helps get rid of the bad and safeguards the good. Agro clean is poison-free.

Agro Clean is made from extracts of sugarcane, corn, wheat, soy, potatoes, rice, coconut and other tree saps.

Agro Clean is certified by control union and international federation of organic Agriculture movements-organics international, meaning, Agro Clean can be used for organic farming internationally.

The product is very safe on the crops. In fact, this has been proven through multiple extensive trials at various ICAR Universities.

Due to its herbal and organic nature of its ingredients, the sprayer requires no safety equipments as agro clean is; Non-toxic (poison-free), Non-mutagenic, Non-carcinogenic, Non-genotoxic, biodegradable, skin safe, food-grade and non-odourous

Agro Clean keeps plants clean from a variety of sucking pests, fungi and bacteria to ensure healthy plant/crop growth.

Uses of organic nano formulation

Since the organic nano are used for organic farming it is crop growth enhancer, it is neither a fertilizer nor pesticide. It helps boost plant growth. It is a very powerful and effective organic, herbal efficacious for two reasons:

It is made from plants and applied to plants and It is unbelievably small size

Advantages of Agro Clean

Agro Clean and Agro Charger are organic and highly efficient crop protector.

The compressive strength is good enough for ordinary construction in different orientations and sizes give different surface textures.

It has very low maintenance cost and demolishes brick structures very easy,

It is reusable and recyclable.

Application of Agro Clean

Agro Clean is an alkaline detergent, environmentally safe, remaining active in hard water. It can be used on farms to remove faeces, dusts and other dirts. It can also employed to wash tractors, trucks, trailers and other vehicles

Application of Agro Charger

Agro Charger dissolves fertilizer particles, reducing them into elemental ions. This makes them more readily absorbable via foliar, basal or systematic application. Besides increasing the yield sizably, it is a very safe and a cost effective option to increase the profitabilit.

Demand Forecast

The demand for organic nano is directly related with the growth in the agriculture sector in general and farming which in turn depends  on  the overall economic development of the country.

The agriculture sector expanded by 4.8 percent in 2018 compared to a growth rate of 6.1 percent in 2017. Its share of GDP declined from 21.1 percent to 19.7 percent in 2018. A crop is the second largest activity in Ghana with a share 14.5 percent of GDP.

On the other hand, among the factors that influence the demand for Agro Charger and Agro Clean, one of the critical factor is identified to be economic  growth  leading  to growth of the Agriculture sector due to the planting for food and jobs and planting for export. According to the government, the GDP of the country is expected to grow at a minimum average annual growth rate of 6.2%.

If the average demand for for agro charger and agro clean for small scale farming, then there would be more yield because organic nano increase farm produce by 48%.. Most of this demand is met by farmers.

Pricing and Distribution

The factory-gate price of the envisaged is recommended at GHS40.00 for the organic nano ( agro charger and agro clean). The products from the factory will be distributed directly to Agro chemical shops and other end users.

The Directors of the company are Emmanuel Quaye – MD, Francis Dwomoh – Director and Joseph Opoku Ware Osei – Secretary and Peter Abum Sarkodie – General Manager.

Company History

The history of Countryman Premium Company Limited dates back to 2014, when Mr. Emmanuel Quaye, Mr. Francis Dwomoh and Mr.  Peter Abum Sarkodie entered into partnership with Shukla Ashar group of companies based in India who have combined the acient art and knowledge of Ayurveda with principles of Quantum Electro Mechanical Physics to present to the World the true power of herbal and organic nano-particles.

The Ayurveda science guides us in combining the right vegetable and grain extracts, while the modern technologies and principles of Quantum Electro Mechanical Physics help us miniaturize the products into nano size  and increase their potencies.

Consequently, we are able to develop a wide range of herbal and nano products that answer many challenges faced in the fields of Agriculture, Health, Hygiene, Oral Care, Animal care, mosquito control and management, cleaning, soil Amendment, Detoxification, waste management, and many more. In short we are all about revolutionizing and transforming the quality of life and overcoming globally-faced challenges.

Products and Services

The Company is currently into the production and supply of different types organic nano. The Company also has expertise and offer consultancy services in the areas of farming.


To become the leading organic Nano Formulation production and distribution company in sub-Saharan and other parts of Africa and the World at large.


To provide safe, sustainable and effective herbal Nano-technology based options to address critical National Priority issues and foster livelihood

Goals and Objectives

Countryman Premium will be a market challenger and will take advantage of trying new techniques, which have not been tried before. This means that through innovative and creative brainstorming, goals set can be achieved.


To establish a modern organic nano factory with a nominal capacity of 600MT per hour.

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