Walking Leaf: Insect you may mistake as leaf

Walking Leaf is actually an insect. Another name of this insect is Giant Leaf insect and biological name is Phyllium giganteum.

These amazing insects are the most amazing camouflage which looks just like leaf enough to confuse you.

Moreover, they can stay still to protect themselves from predators.

Not only this, there are many more other interesting things about these incredible insects that might amaze you.

In this blog, you will get to know some interesting and amazing facts about Giant leaf insects.

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Walking Leaf or Giant Leaf Insects Facts

Walking leaf is one of the largest leaf insect which looks exactly like a leaf. Their body is leaf shaped.

Not only body shape, but their legs has appendages which look like a leaf.

The skin colour of these insects is green with the brown spots around edges.

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Giant leaf insects can become 28 to 100 mm in size. Females in Giant leaf insects can become larger than 100 mm.

Walking Leaf

Other names of Walking Leaf
It is popular with many names like Das grosse Wandelnde Blatt in Germany, Insetto foglia or Fillio in Italy, True leaf insect or Walking Leaf in England.

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These insects are scattered throughout the world but specially found in Southeast Asia, Malaysia, Islands in Indian Ocean and also in parts of Australia.

Giant Leaf insects are generally very docile species. In daytime, they just remain still and quiet, while at night time they move and feed.

If you pick up any female walking leaf, it will remain still. They can remain static for many hours and it’s very difficult to lure them to walk.

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Phyllium giganteum feeds on plant and inhabit forests or densely vegetated areas.

They eat leaves of rose, oak or bramble. These incredible creatures are harmless to human.

In Giant Leaf insects, to reproduce, they don’t need a male. In the absence of male they reproduce using parthenogenesis.

They lay unfertilized eggs, which look like seeds. These eggs give rise to a new female.

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