My agribusiness risks shutting down due to low demand for poultry products and rising cost of feed – Young graduate

Richard is young poultry farmer in Sekyeredumase in the Ejura Municipality, Ashanti Region of Ghana. He completed Kwadaso Agric College in 2016 and went into poultry, instead of migrating to Accra or other cities in Ghana.

Prior to COVID-19 pandemic, he and two other farmers were supplying 200 crates of egg every week to the Senior High School and Basic Schools in Sekyeredumase benefiting from School Feeding programme in Ghana.

This year, the schools are not buying his eggs. He is currently recuperating from a recent motor accident he had on his way from his farm.

Now business is slow, and the price of maize is increasing leading to high cost of feeding the birds. He has invested in a cold storage facility where he slaughters and dresses the chicken for sale when they are about 3 kg so they [birds] do not starve.

Market for the birds has also slowed down with a dressed chicken which used to be GHC25.00 is now GHC18.00 – since government reduced import duties on imported chicken.

He has eight staff on his farm and 4,000 birds. Richard risks shutting down like his two colleagues if the price of maize does not fall from the present GHC260.00 per bag.

The price of maize has almost doubled over the past 12 months, and coupled with stagnated demand for eggs, business is fast dying.

Days ago, he  distributed 150 crates of eggs for free because they were about to expire.

Last year, he also buried 120 crates due to stagnated demand. 

He is ready to let go a crate for as low as GHC 14, and we promised to help create market for his eggs.

Please call Richard on 0551469474 if you’re in Ghana and need eggs in commercial quantities. The eggs are in Sekyeredumase.

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