SA: 93% of the Moroccan temporary workers hired at origin are already in Huelva

About 93% of the Moroccan seasonal workers hired at origin to work in Huelva’s berry campaign are already in the Andalusian province, according to the Government Sub-delegation.

11,833 of the 12,725 workers who made up the contingent and who began to move to the peninsula on December 30 are already in Huelva. Only 892 more workers still need to arrive.

All workers should have arrived at the province by the end of March. However, the last ferry, which should have arrived at the Port of Algeciras last Thursday, was canceled due to bad weather. There is currently no new specific date for it, but it should arrive in the month of April.

The subdelegate of the Government in Huelva, Manuela Parralo, stressed that despite the extraordinary difficulties that have occurred this year due to the pandemic, the operation was carried out with total normality thanks to the efforts of the Moroccan Government, the contracting companies, and the Spanish Government, which initiated this process to supply Huelva’s countryside with the manpower it needed.

Parralo said these hires were a complement of labor and accounted for 17% of the nearly 90,000 people employed in Huelva’s agricultural campaign.

Also, 50% of the people are nationals and the rest are from other countries, mainly from the Schengen area.

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