Ghana: Coconut to be next big export commodity

Industry experts forecast that coconuts will be the next big export product from Ghana (after cocoa). As Ghana’s agriculture sector is very much focused on cocoa for its exports, there is certainly a need for serious diversification.

Some see coconut as the ‘new cocoa’, stating that Ghana should not concentrate only on cocoa production but also venture into coconut cultivation and must not only consider production, but value addition as well.

The coconut palm is the most important cash crop in the four coastal regions of Ghana; Greater Accra, Central, Volta and Western.

According to 2011 figures from the Ministry of Food and Agriculture, coconut production in Ghana is mainly in smallholdings (0.5-5.0 ha).

Out of the annual national production of 224 million nuts, 179 million representing 80% were produced by small-scale farmers from an area of 36,000 hectares of land.

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