Modernizing Agriculture in Ghana: CSIR unveils online platform for Soil

The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) has launched a new online platform for soil as part of the ongoing Modernizing Agriculture in Ghana (MAG) Programme.

The programme that has been ongoing for the past few years has seen the CSIR benefit from the financial support from the Global Affairs Canada provided to the Government of Ghana.

Last year, the CSIR was requested by the MAG Secretariat to support the development of a Digital Agricultural Innovation Hub (DAIH) to accelerate agricultural innovation and facilitate access to agricultural technology to stakeholders.

Following months of partnerships between the involved stakeholders, the CSIR-Soil Research Institute has completed the migration of its existing analog maps into a digital format.

The platform called, ‘Soil Maps’ has been designed to host information on soil resources of Ghana online to enhance soil data accessibility, availability, and acquisition in the country.

According to the CSIR, the goal, in the long run, is to increase food production and enhance food security through the effective and sustainable use of soil resources of Ghana.

Giving his opening remarks at the launch of the new digital platform on Tuesday, March 30, 2021, Deputy director-general at CSIR, Prof. Paul Bosu assured that his outfit together with CSIR-Soil will remain committed to working together with all stakeholders in the country to improve upon available data for better understanding of Ghana’s soils for all the good reasons.

Prof. Paul Bosu

He noted that CSIR is of the firm belief that converting the soil maps of Ghana from analog to digital format sets them on a pathway to help the Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MoFA) to build a more modern agricultural system for the country

For Mrs. Ruby Neils-Palme who is the MAG Programme Coordinator for MoFA, it is the hope of her outfit to see the new platform living up to the expectations it was created for.

“We are looking forward to this map being publicized and then making people have easy access to the information there,” she said.

Mrs. Ruby Neils-PalmeMrs. Ruby Neils-Palme

Meanwhile, The Principal Technologist at CSIR-Soil Research Institute, Mr. Eric Asamoah stressed that they plan to continuously add more data and more information to the platform.

“There is a lot of information that will be updated and also ensure the platform is sustained for the benefit of farmers,” he noted.

Mr. Eric AsamoahMr. Eric Asamoah

More about the ‘Soil Maps’ platform.

Soil Maps is a digital platform designed to guide farmers in their activities to ensure they make good use of the different soil types found in various locations across the country.

It is expected to provide adequate knowledge of the understanding of the various soil types in the country to foster sustainable agriculture.

The CSIR, MAG, and MoFA have all played key roles to ensure the platform sees the light of day.

Once in full operation, sustained, and utilized by farmers, the CSIR believes that ‘Soil Maps’ will help flagship programmes of the government including planting for food and jobs, one district one factory, and Ghana beyond aid becoming successful.

The Soil Maps platform can be accessed here.

Below are the other platforms created under the MAG programme by the CSIR-Institute of Science and Technology Information; all accessible on

  • Agricultural Research Management Repository
  • CSIR Technologies
  • CSIR Agritech
  • Kuafo Market Place

Source: Modern Ghana

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