Nigerian food export sees 50% surge as airlines struggle for cargo

Air cargodata is showing that exports are steadily on the upward movement, though imports declined due to the pandemic.

This development is not unconnected with the growing penchant among Nigerians to export packaged local goods in exchange for scarce foreign currency; a more lucrative alternative to passenger traffic and tourism that have been crippled by a coronavirus.

Also, exporting is further encouraged by global airlines’ scramble for available cargo to cushion the loss of passenger traffic.

Although local airlines are not left out in the dynamics of market inventories, some of the scheduled carriers are having a big struggle readjusting passenger fleet to cargo services.

Stakeholders affirmed that exportable goods are locally available and indigenous airlines have a fleet to mop up produce.

However, they expressed doubt about airlines’ readiness to invest in the requisite human capacity to maximise emerging opportunities in cargo demand and supply, especially in the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines and related items.

According to The Guardian, worthwhile food items are yam tuber, ginger, cocoa butter, palm kernel oil, sesame seed, garlic, cassava flour, cashew nuts, chili pepper, fruit juice, vegetables and poultry products.

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