Agric Ministry calls for the establishment of fertilizer plant in Ghana to meet demand

Ghana’s Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MoFA) has called for the establishment of a fertilizer plant in Ghana to meet demand in the sub-region.

According to MoFA, the production of fertilizer on large scale would motivate farmers to apply the input to meet the 2006 Abuja Convention.

This convention requires that African farmers use fifty kilograms (50 kg) of fertilizer per hectare on a plot of land.

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The Minister, Dr. Owusu Afriyie Akoto, made the call at an Introductory Workshop on Fertilizer Research and Responsible Implementation for PhD Research students at the Soil Research Institute of the CSIR in Kumasi.

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According to the minister there is an increasing demand for fertilisers in the sub-region and would require investors to start its production in Ghana to meet the growing demand.

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Currently productivity per hectare area of land is very low and so farmers have to increase the productivity per area of land to meet increasing food demand.


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