Food production and export: What should Ghana do?

Cocoa in the Gold Coast, was first exported at the end of the 19th century, and between 1911-1976, Gold Coast, now Ghana, was the leading producer of Cocoa in the world, contributing between 30-40% of world’s total production. Now, second to the Ivory Coast.

Unfortunately, Ghana still exports Cocoa in the raw form (cocoa beans) to the United States of American, Germany, Switzerland, and Belgium, where Hershey Foods Corporation, Stollwerck Chocolate Company, Lindt Chocolate Factory, and Mondelez, respectively, convert the Cocoa beans into chocolate.

The chocolates are imported into Ghana, for consumption.

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Sadly, COCOBOD is only good at taking loans for the Ghanaian treasury. It has been the ‘cash-cow’ for the Ghanaian politician.

Before the exportation of Cocoa, oil palm was a promising crop in Ghana. Malaysia had some oil palm breeds from Ghana, and today, Malaysia is the leading producer of palm oil and products of the oil palm.

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This must be a pain in the flesh of Ghanaians. Instead, all the Ghanaian knows is NDC and NPP unproductive politics. Who has bewitched us?

Industrialization is the way to go! Historically, no Nation has ever developed without a strong manufacturing sector.

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We must aggressively fuel the manufacturing sector to revive the economy. If this is done, I wouldn’t need to buy a foreign chocolate for my love on 14th February, every year.

Any well meaning Ghanaian must strive for our leaders to lead us well. A better society for all!

The sharp inequities in the country must be a worry for all!

Written by Haruna Gado Yakubu

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