Locally produced high-quality complete layer feed for the poultry farmers unveiled

The Koudijs Ghana Limited has unveiled the high complete quality made-in-Ghana poultry layer feed concentrate for farmers for optimum performance of their poultry.

With the recent challenges of poultry feeds and raw materials in Ghana, the advent of Koudijs’ locally produced high-quality layer feed concentrate provides the best solution of right and strict controlled nutrients in the most balanced ratios for the poultry farmers.

“For Ghana, we have planned to source within 3 years, 15% of our raw materials locally. We at de Heus embrace this local incentive because it fits perfectly into the sustainable goals of our global company”, Mr. Koen de Heus, the CEO of Royal De Heus said at the launch.

Mr. Heus said with more than a hundred (100) years of experience in animal nutrition, the aim of Koudijs is to be a safe haven for poultry farmers especially in times like this where farmers are looking for reliable suppliers.

He revealed that farmers from now will have possibilities to purchase locally produced feed of Dutch quality. “I am sure that this introduction will result in an even better contribution of Koudijs to the technical results of our customers and to further development of the Ghanaian Agriculture Sector”, the CEO added.

He espoused the company’s seriousness in business and urged the government of Ghana’ to assist to facilitate the company’s work in order to give better services and products to the poultry farmers (customers).

Mr. Hugo Visher, the General Manager of Koudijs Ghana Limited explained his excitement for progressing from importing poultry feed from the mother country to producing and selling locally made high-quality layer feed concentrates of Dutch quality standards.

“Today, we the importer of feeds are now recognized in the Ghanaian market as producers and sellers of local layer feed concentrate according to Dutch quality standards, we are very grateful for that”, he gladly expressed.

According to him, priorly, farmers were not able to access the feeds because it was difficult for the farmers to mix the feeds to the required ratio on the farms, but with the addition of concentrate of the feed portfolio, every farmer in Ghana would have access to a real customized feed solution.

“With the newly introduced complete feed by Koudijs, you no longer need to be dependent on multiple suppliers, all with their own qualities, nor do you need to mix your own raw materials. This saves time and protects your farm from non-consistency in your feed concentrates and you are always guaranteed the best, most complete animal feed of the highest, consistent quality that is developed according to the latest scientific insight”, the GM said.

Speaking to Agric Today, Mr. Visher said to sustain and consistently supply feeds to the Ghanaian poultry farmers, sustainability development plans have been put in place to make raw materials available to feed the factory.

The raw material is a basic need of every producing organization for sustainability and constant operation in a competitive sector like the agriculture and the poultry sector to be precise.

He underscores the need for the company to venture into the production of raw materials like maize and soybean and also buy from the out-growers when the need arises to feed the factory.

Koudijs Ghana Limited is a subsidiary of Royal De Heus started as a local grain mill in Barneveld, the Netherlands in 1911. Since then, Royal De Heus has become an internationally leading producer and exporter of a complete range of feed concentrates.

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