Unseasonal rains in India cause huge losses to grape farmers

India dealt with unseasonal rains last Thursday, causing some significant losses for the grape farmers in this region. According to one exporter these unseasonal rains are the result of environmental impacts on a global scale and he suggests we change our habits quickly in favor of sustainability.

According to Shaik Abdul Ali, founder and managing director for Indian fruit exporter Monsoon Green Earth Farms, peak season exports could be cut between 20 and 25% for a couple of weeks: “We saw some unseasonal rains in the Indian grapes orchards this Thursday. These rains will have a huge impact for grapes farmers, as they’ll experience massive losses.

“The peak season weekly export volumes will be sliced down 20% to 25%, which will impact the week 12 to Week 16 EU/UK arrivals. However the actual berry cracking magnitude of impact will come to be known within the next 48 hours – the losses may increase to more than 25%.”

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“We’re heading for disaster with these types of unseasonal rains, which are a result of our impact on the environment on a global scale. We will have to change our behavior and habits and move towards sustainability. We need to implement changes fast and build back better initiatives.

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“It is our vision that we should all do sustainable business for delivering produce that enhance and sustain the world’s food as well as the natural and social environments,” Shaik concludes.

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Shaik Abdul Ali
Monsoon Green Earth
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Tel2: +918978048158
Email: abdulalis@mgefarms.com

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