Agric Commodity Market: Lemon and ginger prices lowering in Kampala

There is a significant drop in demand and price for lemons and ginger across Kampala markets. This stems from a decline in the use of lemons and ginger by residents to boost their immunity to combat COVID.

The two products were key ingredients in a homemade concoction that is believed to boost immunity. The others are garlic and honey.

However, the demand for lemons and ginger has gone down, affecting their prices. According to vendors in different city markets, people have learnt to live without the need to use immune boosting foods with vitamin C.

The traders also note an increase in the supply of lemon and ginger over the last one month thereby affecting their price.

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One can now buy 10-15 lemons at Shillings 1000 while a kilogram of ginger has also reduced from between Shillings 10,000 to 15,000 in November and December to Shillings 3000.

Gerald Kayemba, a vendor outside Kalerwe main market says the demand for lemon and ginger is lower compared to November 2020.

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He says although most of his clients believe lemons and ginger offer high protection against coronavirus, they have now gotten used to leaving without consuming extracts from them.

[ Sh100 = €0.022 ]


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