Crossed – First time loving ❤️

CROSSED is a Valentine’s Day gift for you💫.
It’s an enthralling piece that expounds how I met my Val in Medical school❤️.

Sit back, flow with the breeze and enjoy the ride of my story 😌😌❤️

Happy Val’s day to you 😍🥰❤️


Earth felt like Heaven on the 14th day of memorable february, 2017 between the hours of 1900 and 2100GMT when my princess sated my hunger with her precious gift.

I phoned her and she answered, “I’ll be there soon, I have to take my bath first and look my best so wait”.

I hurriedly prepared the room while I patiently waited for what I had played and replayed in mind to finally go down.

She’ll come, and I’ll tell her how beautiful she’s looking and how nice she’s smelling then take the back of her hand and introduce my perfectly rounded lips to it.

A soft characteristic knock interrupted my movie trailer. I ran to have a preview at the window, covered my mouth and mouthed “gapoha”.

Your guy couldn’t take any risks. On inspection, my shirt was well ironed, my beard was kept, there was no dirty boxer or incriminating signs of a helpless romantic.

I smacked my lips and did a quick spin. I met my princess at the door; she looked ravishingly edible and adorably sweet in the red dress right above her knees and she met me with a beautiful wide smile.

I let her in with a soft kiss on the hand and guided her to the bed to have a seat. Seeing the desire in my eyes, she didn’t hesitate to undress the most anticipated.

I asked politely “Baby, can you allow me to perform my manly duty? Call me impatient but a blow inevitably yours once taken on time saves you from other consequences which in this case will be leaving me high and dry.

She looked intently at me and after what seemed like forever whispered in a mellow voice “Yes Gideon” with her eyes virtually closed. I got close to her and her breath was pervasive and arousing.

Smelt like roses to me. She unclasps a few buttons and my shirt came off instantaneously. I couldn’t capture how swift that was. I got busy with my hands, unveiling the only thing standing between me, my taste buds and my precious present.

The haste with which I began declined at a point but I doubt I was having second thoughts. Must have been something else. She had wrapped it in a beautiful rose flowered spotted ianthine covering.

I guess she noticed my hesitation and held the back of my hand as if to give it reinforcement and the walls of Jericho came tumbling down gently.

Now open for me is a sweet-scented, starchy meal. I couldn’t keep my mouth away from it, but I began slowly with my middle and index fingers; it’s always best to not push your luck too much.

“Be sure it is what you want”. Her reaction when I finally reached the spot is unforgettable. She screamed, “you are there”.

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I had to eventually lick my fingers dry and use the right instrument, of course, to give it my best. In a pool of adrenaline, I asked her ” so baby, all this goodness who dey eat? She replied, ” It’s the first time I’m serving it”.

My excitement was over the roof. It is the best Jollof and chicken I have eaten so far and I so much love how she packaged it.

We met in our first year in med school when she visited my room for a few academic files. Interestingly, I was shy and she was shy too so we only stole glances at each other.

She had this smile that instantly captivated all my senses; a young girl blowing the mind of a naïve boy. She broke too early the hedge mummy laid around me against ladies. “Mama, I couldn’t help it. She is the best temptation any man could ever have”.

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In the hostel, anytime I passed by her room my spirit stopped to give a knock at her door but she never bothered to say come in.

I became disappointed in the idiot who first thought Love goes where love is. She was a prayer point every morning and nightbut when we crossed paths, I only watch her wind her tiny waistin my face.

I saw many guys come in and out but I took a leap of faith in the word of God; a thousand shall fall at my side and ten thousand at my right but they shall never block my shine. I admired her like a goddess.

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After a while, kind courtesy my prayers and actions from boys and girls we built a strong connection.

Her roommates became my greatest link to access everything about her; http://www.bae’ and all the latest information about her will be at my disposal; what’s she’s wearing, eating, her mood and more.

My feelings for her grew rapidly and because I couldn’t say it directly in her face, I hired the Whatsapp App to lessen the burden. When I told her, she said “how? Are you serious?” I was instantly dehydrated.

I scrolled up to revise my essay because my village people never relent on playing games with my English anytime I am on the move. But you know what? The God we serve is good!.

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The message I received a minute later was heartwarming. I was down in tears. It curdled me to sleep like a baby.

My friend’s disco alarm at 2 am that could resuscitate the dead and make the deaf hear again couldn’t bear my annoyance. I slept so deep.

I was born to protect this Mimosa pudica. Sometimes I wish I could tell her something different- different from this “I love you” that Sakawa boys have corrupted.

Baby girl with a kind heart, I will always love you. ❤️

Written by

Gideon Kobby Kakraba Aidoo.

He is a fourth-year medical student at the University of Health and Allied Sciences. He loves reading, writing, and listening to adadem music. He aspires to become the next Landmark of Sowutuom after Agbeve and Medikal. He’s not just a writer; he’s a righter.

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