‘UK ready to scale up trade with Kenya due to new Trade Agreement’ – Jane Marriott

British High Commissioner to Kenya Jane Marriott has issued a statement, saying that the UK has reaffirmed its commitment to scale-up trade with Kenya. She added that her country was keen on seeing the foreign currency revenues back into a win-win situation for both nations as part of their economic partnership.

The High Commissioner added that 43 percent of Kenya’s vegetable exports go to the UK annually including last year despite the Covid-19 global pandemic.

“Our economic partnership is great and we are going to build and grow on that, Valentine’s Day is coming up and in the UK 70 percent of roses come from Kenya so we have very romantic connections with this country as well,” The High Commissioner said.

Trade and Industrialisation Cabinet Secretary Betty Maina who was also present said that Kenya and the UK recently concluded the Economic Partnership Agreement that would see more trade carried out between the two nations.

“The agreement provides the opportunity for us to expand exports from Kenya into the United Kingdom and especially for farmers whom we are encouraging to join in and take advantage of this market,” the Secretary said.

She added that Kenya exports Sh. 40 billion (€304 mln) worth of goods to the UK each year noting that last year the country exported goods worth more than that despite the Covid-19 pandemic.

“The message from us is that this policy of the National Government trade agreements has really impacted on the ground like we are witnessing in this farm.”

Source: kenyanews.go.ke

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