Kenya Airways to convert two Boeing 787s into freighters

Kenya Airways has become the first Boeing 787 operator to convert a portion of its Dreamliner fleet into full-fledged freighter aircraft. Due to COVID-19, the demand for passengers has declined significantly while freight demand has remained steady and increased in certain cases.

Due to decreasing demand for air travel, the carrier had previously grounded multiple 787 Dreamliners while suspending many important routes, such as Nairobi – Amsterdam, and Nairobi – Paris.

The airline now has decided to convert two of its grounded Boeing 787-8 Dreamliners for use in full freighter operations. Kenya Airways currently has nine 787s in its fleet.

Kenya Airways will use both 787-8 freighters to carry essential cargo to and from Nairobi. Kenya is a major exporter of agricultural products, especially in terms of fruits and vegetables.

Using both aircraft contributes to Kenya’s economy, as it allows the country to move its goods more simply. It is currently unknown how long the airline will use both aircraft for full freighter operations.


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