Organic banana growers, distributors introduce new Fair Trade label

Organics Unlimited, the San Diego-based grower and distributor of organic tropical fruit, now offers Fair Trade Certified™ label organic bananas.

Organics Unlimited started the new year by providing its Fair Trade Certified™ organic banana label along with its existing socially responsible GROW label and Organics Unlimited label.

New Fair Trade label

“We passionately believe in our GROW program and know first hand the impact it has on our growing communities,” said Mayra Velazquez de León, president and CEO of Organics Unlimited.

“Our Fair Trade and GROW labels are two paths to the same goal of advocating for sustainable prices for farmers and supporting growing communities. This partnership allows our customers to have two fairly traded labels to choose from.”

Fair Trade USA® has built a model of responsible business, conscious consumerism and shared value to help eliminate poverty and enable sustainable development for farmers, workers, families and communities around the world. That makes the program a natural fit with Organics Unlimited.

“We know now, more than ever, that consumers want to see ethically-sourced options in produce aisles,” said Daniella Velazquez de León, logistics manager for Organics Unlimited.

“Consumers specifically purchase organic for social responsibility reasons and the shift toward conscious capitalism is here to stay. We are the one-stop shop for sustainable organic banana options.

“Our company looks forward to the upcoming year as we remain responsive to the marketplace and expand our foothold in the organic industry.”

Organics Unlimited has its primary farming operations in Colima, Mexico. Its network of small, family farmers in Mexico and Ecuador supports peak year-round growing efforts to provide organic Cavendish bananas for the U.S., Canada and Japan, among other places.

For more information:
Patrick Pierce
Organics Unlimited
Tel: +1 (619) 807-0850

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