Guinea looks to strengthen agricultural potential

Approximately 85% of Guinea’s population consists of subsistence agriculturalists, and the country is one of the poorest in the world.

In an effort to expand the country’s income potential in agriculture, a new partnership has formed under a south-south cooperation umbrella, with Tunisia offering learnings from its own boosting of agricultural exports.

“Our project is the first south-south project in Guinea,” said Guinea Technical Cooperation Agency Director General Patrice Camara, who is coordinating the implementation.

“The evolution of the project will allow us to open up to the world and attract the interest of other countries for technical cooperation and economic partnership.”

The spark of the project started with a visit by Guinea President Alpha Condé to the Islamic Development Bank Group (IsDB) in 2017 in which he requested support across many development contexts, including agriculture.

As explained on, Tunisia’s success with its date exports will be used as a model, and Guinea is looking to develop its own agricultural sector via a value chain approach.

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