Zimbabwe: Grain Marketing Board cautions farmers over depot congestion

The Grain Marketing Board (GMB) has said that only farmers who have been informed at the GMB depot should receive farm inputs to reduce congestion and avoid breaking COVID-19 protocols.

The GMB has been placed in charge of the two government programmes of Pfumvudza/Intwasa presidential Scheme and Command Agriculture.

Due to overcrowding, GMB trucks delivering inputs are said to trigger the increase in the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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GMB Acting Chief Executive, Mr. Clemence Guta in a statement said farmers should stay at home and concentrate on their work as they would be contacted at the appropriate time to come for their inputs.

“These measures are meant to de-congest and reduce human traffic at depots in line with World Health Organisation (WHO) protocols of fighting COVID-19.

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“The country has of late experienced an increased wave of Covid-19. As a key sector in food and agriculture, all GMB depots remain open to conduct business for the convenience of our stakeholders during this lockdown.

“However, strict adherence to Covid-19 regulations shall continue to be observed at all our 87 depots throughout the country.”

Plans have been put in place by GMB and CBZ Agro-Yield for farmers to collect inputs from their nearest depots.

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“We are, therefore, urging farmers still to collect inputs to do so at their nearest GMB depots and only those farmers that would have received communication from their depots to come and collect inputs will be served.

“Farmers and the public at large are reminded to wear their face masks before entering the GMB depot for assistance,” he said.

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