Election Petition: Ashanti NDC PCs produce evidence of 2020 Election rigging

Assertion by the forty seven NDC parliamentary candidates in the Ashanti region suggest that the NPP rigged the just ended 2020 elections in all the 47 Constituencies of Ashanti Region.

The PCs claims figures were inflated on behalf of NPP by the use of force via the military.

The NDC Parliamentary Candidates (PCs) say considering the recent parliamentary debacle where NPP MP’s demonstrated all their fraudulent tactics in the speaker of Parliament elections through the military gives a clear evidence of how they rigged the 2020 elections in the region.

“Undoubtedly disenfranchisement, abusive deployment of military and security to suppress and dictate the electoral process, ballot paper snatching and gross disregard of law as exhibited by the NPP during the inauguration of the eighth parliament of the 4th Republic point to underscore our assertion”.

The Parliamentary Candidates hold it that when the NPP noticed the outcome of the parliamentary results they quickly resorted to their old “all die be die” mantra to showcase that crook tactics again in parliament.

“These same old tricks were widespread during the just ended general elections which gave cause for violence in many constituencies”, according to the NDC PCs.

They are optimistic their party (NDC) will provide convincing evidence in court to expose the EC and the NPP on how the two planned to manipulate the electoral process to in their favour.

The Parliamentary aspirants however, have averted the blame on President Akufo-Addo and his Party (NPP) over the death of all eight innocent Ghanaians who lost their lives in the electoral process.

“Sadly, the President’ s consensual silence and unsavory comments from top party apparatchiks comparing the eight whom we describe as ” Martyrs of our democracy” to armed robbers and criminals gives more credence to their position”, the statement of NDC copied to soireenews.com

Source: soireenews.com

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