Poultry production: Akoko Foto targets production of 1 million birds by close of year

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of ‘Akoko Foto’, Mr. Kojo Nyameke, has revealed that the farms is in the process of producing more organic fertilizers to help in increasing their bird stock.

In an interview, Mr. Kojo Nyameke pointed out that ‘Akoko Foto’ hopes to raise about one million birds by the end of this year.

According to him, the increasing importation of chickens into the country is due to the unavailability of fertilizers that would help in the production of the chickens.

He pointed out that the Farms would meet its fertilizer production target by depending on the wastes from the fowls being produced, saying that “there is enough profit from the wastes. If we are able to do that you would see that the prices of eggs will reduce drastically. They will be cheaper.”

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He mentioned that the Farms is at the moment increasing the production of chickens which would intend to help in the process of fertilizer production.

He also revealed that ‘Akoko Foto’ has taken some of its fertilizers to Germany and other countries where they tested.

“We took some to Germany. Our fertilizers are powerful, we are not only going to produce for our local use, we will also export them,” he said.

Mr. Kojo Nyameke, therefore, called for government collaboration to see how best they can improve the fertilizer production and improve the production of chicken locally to end the dependence on imported chicken.

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