Involve women in agricultural investments

A dialogue on the empowerment of women in the agricultural sector will open Thursday in Lomé and will bring together Togolese deputies as a priority.

The initiative is supported by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD), the OXFAM confederation and the Network of associations and NGOs Promotion and Protection of Women’s Rights (WILDAF).

For two days (January 21-22, 2020 at Hotel February 2), the discussions will focus on gender equality, investments in agriculture and food security.

The meeting aims in particular to increase the knowledge of parliamentarians on the tools necessary to engage in the development of legislation and policies.

These will contribute to the equality of men and women, and to the empowerment of women in the agricultural, rural and family sector.

The purpose of this exercise is to accelerate progress towards the goals of zero hunger and sustainable development in Togo.

Gender, equality, land rights …

The issues of gender equality, women’s land rights and responsible agricultural investments linked to family farming and food and nutritional security will be addressed during the Lomé work.

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This will involve facilitating dialogue at the national level between parliamentarians, political decision-makers, civil society organizations, research centers, universities, producer organizations and women’s networks on the importance of taking into account the gender dimension in the development of laws and policies.

But also and above all, the deployment of investments in agriculture, and in agro-sylvo-pastoral value chains.

The methodology will be based on a participatory and inclusive approach .

Parliamentarians will first follow a training course on the theme: “Accelerating progress towards Zero Hunger by developing legislation, policies and investment plans that contribute to gender equality and the empowerment of women in the sector. rural agricultural “.

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This training is intended for national deputies who are members of various parliamentary committees, representatives of various ministries, and representatives of producer organizations, rural women, and academic and research institutions.

Then, the multi-actor political dialogue on the theme: “Parliamentary action for gender and investments in agriculture and food and nutritional security to meet the Zero Hunger Challenge in Togo”.

This dialogue targets national parliamentarians, government representatives and other actors with an interest in the development of gender-sensitive legislation, policies, programs and action plans, in particular in the agricultural sector.

It should be noted that the Network of Parliamentarians on Gender and Investments in Agriculture and Food Security is part of a global initiative that fights for zero hunger in the world.

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