Dry season farmers along White Volta appeal for government support

The 2020 flood victims along the White Volta in Binduri and Talensi districts in the Upper East Region are appealing for the support of government and NGOs to help sustain their farming businesses.

Dry season farming has become a regular agricultural practice in communities along the lakes and streams.

The farmers draw water with long hoses from the lake and streams through the use of a water pumping machines to water their crops.

The farmers say, farming in the dry season is capital intensive and needs more resources to be able to cultivate something substantial.

The farmers say they spent upto Ghc60 on fuel a day to enable them water their farms.

The farmers therefore wants government to enrol them onto the planting for food and jobs programme to enable them sustained their farming businesses in dry seasons.

According to them, they have lost virtually everything to last year’s flood.

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They lament that no support in any form came from government to aid them till the next season.

Some farmers were hit with worst flood between September and October 2020.

The situation which has continued since 1988, has claimed human lives and livestock as well.

In an interview with the 2016 national best farmer 1st runner up, Ariku Martin Akudugu from Binduri district, he laments that there would be hunger if care is not taken to assist dry farmers with loans for them to go into large farming.

He further added that they were thinking government would have assisted them after the flood disaster that hits them last year through the COVID-19 funds.

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Another farmer, Akaama Abel said, they have lost everything to flood last year, as farmers have no option than to still be in farming business.

He added that there is now low market for green pepper which they have cultivated in large quantities.

He is appealing to buyers to come to their aid.

Source: modernghana.com

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