Agricultural commodity market: Onion trade from full pelt to quiet spell

After weeks with a gigantic onion export, the demand for Dutch onions is currently a lot calmer. “The contrast is huge, we are really going from full throttle to almost nothing and that is a bit disappointing,” observes Mike de Koster of onion sorting and packing station WDK Onions from Kwadendamme.

“At the same time, it fits in with the trend in recent years that it becomes a lot quieter after Sinterklaas. Then, towards the new year, the arrivals will be less favourable, prices will come under pressure and it will be a lot tougher to trade. The market is really searching,” says Mike.

“At the same time, we should not be negative. An awful lot of onions have been sold and we don’t have an abundance of onions this season. We now need new destinations to get the rest of the onions.

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“The great thing about the onion trade is that you sometimes surprised at where the demand suddenly comes from. Hopefully there will soon be more demand from Eastern Europe, where the rumours are that the quality is less. “

“There is hardly any consistency in the prices. On average, the bale prices are between 20 and 25 cents. Hopefully we can keep this a bit stable. The onions generally look good in terms of quality. The question is what the stocks are in the cells. whether they have been properly sprayed for shelf life. “

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