Zambian farmers call on partnership with Chinese garlic growers

Zambian farmers have called on Chinese garlic growers to help facilitate the education on garlic growing in Zambia, a farmers cooperative has said.

Norman Kalenga, chairman for Kasumbalesa Farmers Association, said Zambian garlic farmers are eager to grow the cash crop on a commercial basis to improve their livelihood.

“We looking forward to Chinese garlic growers for more of our garlic growing activities, so we can increase on our income generation,” he said.

Kalenga said Zambian farmers have been growing on a small scale basis and would like to expand on their garlic farming activities.

He said with the Chinese farming technology, farmers will be able to know the period on when to plant garlic in Zambia.

“There are two types of garlic plants the soft and the hard necks, meaning these two cash crops have their window on when to plant their gloves,” he said.

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And Nigel Ndumba a trader at Kasumbalesa border said Chinese garlic has penetrated the Zambian and Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) markets.

“We have seen imported garlic from China having market share here at the busiest one-stop border point,” he said.

Ndumba said Chinese farmers should consider investing in farming in Zambia to be closer to the market in Zambia and DRC.

He said Zambian farmers were unable to meet the growing demand for the garlic because not many farmers were in garlic growing in Zambia.

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“Garlic imports from China are supplementing on the high demand that was obtaining on the local market,” he said.

Ndumba said the imported garlic was selling at a competitive price at Kasumbalesa border with DRC.

Meanwhile, garlic farmers profit from US-China trade war and this could be another reason for the Zambian farmer to take advantage to trade with China hence their partnership with Chinese garlic farmers.

Watch the video below for more on US-China trade war and garlic.

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