Ban on pomegranate imports lifted in Kurdistan Region

The Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources of the Kurdistan Region has announced that it would again allow the import of pomegranates.

The ministry had announced in mid-July 2020 that it would prevent the import of seven agricultural crops, including pomegranates. The others were figs, apples, watermelons, potatoes, cucumbers, and honey.

The decision was made by Minister Begard Talabani, directing the Ministry of Finance and Economy’s General Directorate of Customs, in accordance with the Law on Protection and Development of Agricultural Crops No. 4 of 2008 that aimed to protect the livelihoods of the region’s farmers.

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In early May 2020, the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) announced plans to support the growth of greenhouses, to develop infrastructure on farming and other food production, and to increase tariffs charged on imported agricultural goods as part of efforts to make the Kurdistan Region more self-sustainable.


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