Venturing into farming with loans is risky – John Dumelo

In as much as he encourages the youth to delve into farming and agriculture in general, renowned actor, farmer, and politician, John Dumelo has hinted that taking a loan to do this is a very risky move.

According to him, it is important to know the type of farming one wants to engage in before taking any loan to start the business. This, he said, in an interview with Rev. Erskine on the Y- Leaderboard Series on Y107.9FM.

John harvest from his yam farm

The farming expert said, “If your repayment is over a period of five years, then you know that you can get the loan and some external sources of servicing the loan”.

Then, at the end of the five years, you know that you’ve been able to grow probably 10 acres of coconut which will give you about 2000 or 3000 cedis a month, and then you can recoup whatever you invested in”, he continued.

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John Dumelo advised that for every crop, there are certain insects that may come in and destroy the crops, which could cause huge loses, hence it is best to start small when venturing into farming, as it can be very dicey.

In as much as loans can be very risky it shouldn’t discourage young people ho are ambitious to venture this money making business. He believes that a lot interventions should go into agricultural financing especially for small holder farmers who wants to reap the bountiful benefits of farming.

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The Ghanaian actor John Dumelo is really doing well for himself, not just in his acting career, but also in businesses like farming. Agriculture has been one sector the actor has spent part of his money on and he has never regretted making these investments, as he sure sees a future in agriculture.

John seeks to inspire you African to go into agriculture and here are some quotations from John:

“Agriculture is the way to go …. I am proud to be a farmer.”

“I’m a proud farmer. I have snails, cattle, goats, pigs and grasscutters. I also grow maize on acres of land to sell and also to feed the grasscutters and pigs. Farming is a very lucrative business, it has its ups and downs but eventually it’s very rewarding. Farming is not really about working hard, it’s about working smart.

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“What and when you sow will determine what you reap. My advice to the youth, let’s all get involved in agriculture. It’s not an avenue to make fast money but it’s an avenue to grow steadily in wealth at the same time feeding yourself and the nation.”

“Malians are taking Agriculture to the next level. Visited the largest green house in Bamako this morning. Together we can make agric great again in Africa.”

“Sack farming can be a very economical way of farming. You eliminate cost of ploughing, you can control weeds better and also you limit water usage. 2019 is the year for “Youth in Agriculture”. Let’s all join hands to make Agriculture great again! #agrictips #farmingisbae #itscooltofarm.”

“A vibrant, sustainable and resilient agriculture sector is vital for sub-Saharan Africa’s economic future. Africa is home to nearly half of the world’s uncultivated land that can be brought into production. Together with abundant resources, vibrant youth population and strategic investments , Africa can be the bread basket of the world. It’s time we the youth take charge and develop a passion for agriculture. The future awaits us…..#proudfarmer #youth #Africa #itstime.”

We import because we don’t produce. We don’t produce because we think farming is for the less privileged in society. By 2030, Africa will be importing $130bn worth of agric products. Billionaires are waiting to happen to those who venture into agriculture. The time is now……less talk, more action. Happy farmers day. #snailfarm #happyfarmer”

“I have a passion for agriculture and I’m fueling it. We all have to invest in agriculture, thats the only way forward. West Africa needs to produce at least 30 Agro-millionaires in the next 10 years. It is possible! It can be done! Think big, Start small. All hands on deck! #farmer #agriculture #yeswecan #imready #shotwithhuaweiY9 #huawei”

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