Photo: Bridesmaid causes confusion with her heavily endowed backside

Every couple’s dream on their wedding day is that they get to be the center of attention. Well, the same can not be said for a Nigerian couple whose spotlight was taken by a heavily endowed lady.

While some people find it difficult to love their bodies and be comfortable in their skin, others seem to be doing just fine with theirs, no matter they attention or crowd they tend to draw.

A beautiful bridesmaid has caused perplexity among netizens after she was captured in the couple’s wedding photo with her heavily endowed backside staring glaringly in the picture.

One of such is a yet to be identified lady who was recently sighted at a wedding. In a video which has since gone viral, the lady with a seemingly huge backside, was seen having the time of her life as she danced at a wedding reception.

Despite the crowd that she pulled with her rather unique backside which stood out in the hall, she appeared to be having fun with the attention it brought her.

Her heavily endowed backside has caused a split opinion online as many believe she was there to crave attention. Some also believe there’s nothing wrong with her posture.

Both men and women on social media have argued that the raunchy and heavily endowed backside will cause the groom’s attention to be diverted from the bride on the big day.

Taking a closer look, one could say it was an unaware photo.

She was the center of attention at the wedding

Also dressed in a glod-coloured dress was a lady with well endowed tundra backside that accentuated her endowed body.

She danced and shook her behind like it was nobody’s business! See picture below:

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