Vegetable farmers meet to discuss marketing challenges

The Amanase Akuafo-hene (Chief Farmer), Opanin Ampofo, has stated that; “strengthening farmer groupings in urban vegetable production systems, is seen as one of the ways of solving farmers marketing problems”.

He therefore, advised vegetable farmers in the country to form groups in their communities, to help address specific challenges confronting them.

The Akuafo-hene was addressing some vegetable farmers from the Amanase Zone of the Ayensuano District in the Eastern Region at Amanase at the weekend.

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The meeting also discussed among other issues, how the farmers would get ago-chemicals at affordable prices including; protective gloves and attire for spraying.

Vegetable farmers

“Formation of groups would go a long way towards enhancing productivity”, he noted, adding that; “this would enable them have advantage over marketing hindrances”, and thus, gain more control over market prices.

Opanin Ampofo urged the participants to endeavour to adhere to instructions given them by the Cocoa Health Extension Division (CHED) of COCOBOD, to help increase their produce.

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