“Poverty in South Africa is designed, well-orchestrated and kept alive” – Nicolette Marshile

Nicolette Marshile a South African woman, dedicated to educating people about their finances, has said that poverty in that country has been designed and kept alive.

South Africa is one of the few African countries that a lot of people look up to in terms of the vibrant nature of economies.

But Nicolette believes there’s much to be done as she believes poverty there has been well orchestrated and kept alive, and that is making her sick, adding that she’s been living in denial of this problem that has been there.

Nicolette Mashile is co-host of the SABC1 talk show Daily Thetha, an actress on Generations and the founder of Financial Bunny, a platform she uses to teach financial literacy within the South African context.

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“Our Poverty in SA is designed, Well orchestrated and kept alive. I’m sick. I’ve been in denial,” she lamented on Twitter.

A lot of South Africans shared their view on the post by the renowned presenter.

@Freanky4fingers said; “truth is black people are causing black poverty they blame white people cause its easy”.

@EinteinL believes; “Apartheid caused poverty the ANC government made it worse. They both to blame”.

@Mervin said; “Problem is, as black people we are too religious than industrious. They gave us the Bible and made us believe our suffering is God’s will. Let’s give them their Bible and return to our African Tradition Religion”.

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Whiles @elkay_da came through with; “Everything we are facing tday was designed in Berlin 1884. We cn do the same thing. Work on a plan dat wil free Black pple from Mental slavery. Their seed is our EDUCATION SYSTEM. Already dey are programmin us to be stupid 4rm grade 1 to grade 12… Dats 12 years wasted”

See the tweet by Nicolette Marshile below;

Our Poverty In SA Is Designed, Well Orchestrated And Kept Alive. I’m Sick. I’ve Been In Denial

— Nicolette Mashile (@ImcocoMash)

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