“I can cook and clean but I’m still single” – Beautiful medical doctor cries

A beautiful Nigerian lady is in wonderland as to why she is still single despite the fact that she can cook and tidy up the home as well.

A Nigerian lady known as Dr Naima Abdullahi took to microblogging platform, Twitter to cry out over how she is unable to get a man who will love and cherish her.

Given that Naima is such a beautiful lady, one would struggle to understand why she’d still be single unless she picked that picture she shared somewhere else and would want people to believe that it is really her.

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But a closer look at her profile would show you many of those beautiful pictures, one of which she shared in her Twitter post.

Her profile also suggests that she is a doctor as well, so, as to why she is not attracting men to herself is something to ponder about.

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What a man desires from a wife is for her to be able to cook, keep the room tidy and the small matter of her being beautiful and somewhat independent and able to support the man.

For Naima Abdullahi, she possesses all these but still just can seem to find anyone out there to mingle with.

Is it the case that she’s choosy on the sort of guys she wants to date or the men are just not coming?

In any case, men might just be intimidated by her beauty and everyone would just assume she already has someone out there.

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Naima wrote on Twitter; “I can cook and clean but still single” and accompanied it with the emoji of a broken heart.

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