Is honey the most fake product in any super markets?

01. What makes ​honey the most fake product in any grocery store or supermarket?

While walking through the grocery aisle, we often find ourselves glued to the selection of exotic foods and sometimes the mere list of ingredients can blindly persuade our soul to go for the foods made with the goodness of natural ingredients.

Whether you are a food fanatic or a health enthusiast the lure of organic, raw and delicious ingredients usually captivate our purchasing decisions, but are we buying the right thing?

Well, this might convince your heart and mind, but are you sure the ingredients used are absolutely pure?

Well, one of the most widely used as well as faked food products is honey.

Blame it on the production process or adulteration with cane sugar or other ingredients, accessing the quality of honey can be real tough!

02. Why is Honey the most fake product?

Since ages, honey has been no less than a treasure trove of nutrients and the mere addition of honey can amp up the nutritional quotient of a food item or a dish.

In fact, this is what has led to a surge in the demand of pure honey across the globe.

Being an expensive commodity, honey has also been a market for frauds and adulteration.

Be it raw, organic or refined honey, the health aspect has made this ingredient an easy ground for adulteration.

According to experts, the global demand for honey leads to fraud.

In fact, honey is often fixed with artificial syrups, sugar syrups, beet sugar or even cane sugar syrup, the amalgamation of these artificial syrups are done in such a way that the syrups dilutes and mixes with the golden honey without any traces of adulteration.

But there are modern techniques to evaluate the quality of honey. However, the ultrafiltration process is often used to remove residues, but can end up removing the essential and health enriching components of honey.

03. How to tell if your honey is real or fake?

There are several ways honey is tested before packing or even after buying it. Here are a few easy methods that you can try at home to ensure that your store bought honey is real and is free from aldultrants.

04. Crystallization

Yes, this is the easiest and age-old way of testing the purity of honey at home. Real honey crystallizes over a period of time, especially when it is stored in a cool dark place.

In case of mixed or adulterated honey it will always retain the same consistency.

Crystallized honey

05. ​Test it with water

Another way of ensuring the quality of honey is by dropping a teaspoon of honey in water, if the honey is pure it will not easily mix with water and will be slightly thick in texture.

06. Microwave test/ heat test

This is another easy way of checking the quality of honey you use, just place a bowl with some honey and heat it for a minute, if it caramelizes [turns brown] then it is real honey, but if the honey forms bubbles then you must replace it as the honey is mixed with other substitutes of sugar.

Caramelized honey

You can check this in a plan also, just add some honey and heat it over medium flame and you can quickly come to a conclusion.

07. Test with a paper

Just put 2 teaspoon honey on a plate and put paper on it and if the paper soaks the honey then it is adulterated.

Real honey is thick and doesn’t get absorbed by a piece of paper.

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