Reasons your finest professionals are moving into Agri-Industry as Entrepreneurs

Nowadays, professionals in the so-called white-colour jobs or customary in-demand disciplines are turning to Agriculture. Name them  — Doctors, Engineers, Teachers, Nurses, Bankers, etc. — are gradually drifting into the agricultural industry as a better option at the peak of their career.

Very interesting trends have shown how entrepreneurs have discovered what will soon become the oil field of Africa.

Here is why …

The professionals with MBA are often thinking agriculture not because of the money but because farming promises a fulfilling lifestyle of being a real boss of the environment. Farming comes with a satiable and sustainable livelihood.

Interestingly, most Agripreneurs do not have an agricultural background. You don’t need an MBA to become a farmer. Moreover you don’t need heavy capital to start a farm. You don’t need scholarship funding whatsoever.

A mere acquisition of a boar and a soar at a reasonable price can become the start of a pig farm in a grand style. Resources such as labour, water, land, capital, etc. are cheaper to come by.

Africa has 20 percent of the working-age youth group starting businesses. The trends and the numbers are foretelling good fortunes to come.

According to the world bank and the African Development Bank, more than 60 percent of Africa’s population are under the age of 25. The continent is estimated to hit a population of 9 billion by 2050.

Meanwhile, 60 percent of Africans belong to the rural world and source their livelihood from farming and agricultural related activities.

Major transformational development that will have direct impact on the economy will therefore need to invigorate the rural and remote sectors.

Farming has proven to provide sustainable support system over the years with capacity to address hunger, poverty and unemployment in sub-Saharan Africa. Strategic interventions by countries are already underway.

Ghana, Kenya, Rwanda, Nigeria etc. are taking steps while laying a formidable agricultural policy framework to strengthen their economies.

International communities and donor countries who have envisaged the future are investing heavily into policies, ideas and innovations in Agriculture.

I’m making more money from agriculture than when I was in corporate world – 2018 National Best Farmer

The World Bank, African Development Bank, IMF etc. are not left behind; they too are contributing to the green economy. The future can only be exciting for the farming industry.

This is the clue, entrepreneurs with a passion for problem solving can only see wealth in the midst of the ‘storm’. They are taking their place to control and maximise resources for a better Africa. That’s the point.

Farming is not what we used to see it anymore. According to the president of the African Development Bank, Agribusiness will be worth a trillion dollar by 2030. The industry is much lucrative and worth-investing.

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Farming and agriculture has been redefined. The advent of digitalization has made farming even more ‘sexier’. As more young entrepreneurs take up the farming journey several youths are joining the wagon.

Myths about farming that used to discourage many are suddenly being dissolved as more youth are getting involved in more complex problem-solving activities.

Lately, urban farming is the new trend. With urban farming everyone can flex their farming prowess regardless of their profession. The world is fast advancing to where every household will need a backyard farm.

You can keep your job as a banker and yet grow your own food organically. Be concerned about the quality of food you eat. Grow what you eat and eat what you grow.

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