Meet a 21-year-old Ellie who eats grass, can’t speak and feels safer living in the forest [Video]

A video sighted by on social media captures a young boy said to be 21 years old who cannot speak, eats grass, and feels safer to live in the jungle with animals than living with humans. This young man has a distinct lifestyle than anyone else.

According to the video, the young man identified as Zanzimana Ellie was born after his parents prayed to God for a child after staying five years without the fruit of the womb. God gave them five children but unfortunately all of them have died one after the other.

Ellie who’s now living in the forest with wild animals is their only child left. According to the mother, they prayed to God to gift them a child if he will even be abnormal after remaining barren for many years.

Ellie’s appearance in the video resembles that of an African Chimpanzee. His family has been mocked and ridiculed in society after giving birth to such a child. His mother confirmed that he was born in 1999 and he will turn 21 years by 2020. Ellie preferred to live in the forest most of the time with animals.

On the contrary, the mother explained how much she loves him and that his life has all been like a miracle throughout the 21 years.

Ellie, therefore, is the 6th child whose life has been a mystery from the beginning. That’s from day one, his life has not been the same.

The mother confirmed that he was born a tiny baby with a very small head almost making them believe that he will not survive.

Doctors knew it and advised her that she should be prepared since she is going to have problems raising the child. They did not mind raising him so long as he will grow into an adult.

The mother has been facing a lot of challenges in his upbringing she feeds him with grass like an animal and has to go after him every evening to bring him home.

Ellie’s mother is not finding it easy in his upbringing adding he can not be enrolled in school until they train him on how to live with fellow human beings.

Watch the video below;

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