Key things Young African Entrepreneur must do to succeed in Agriculture

To the Young African Entrepreneur starting and growing an agricultural business is a Hard Work. There is no secret formula to make things go perfectly. However, the more smart decisions you make, the better chance you have for success.

Time and again we hear agribusinesses failing across Africa. We have noticed that these stories have many things in common, and we wanted to share this knowledge in our list of ‘Things the Young African Entrepreneur must do to succeed in Agriculture’.

  1. Use Data
    Data is key in decision making. As much as possible, as a young African entrepreneur, look for data which you will make your farming decisions. Planning for an agricultural venture, time for planting, the budget required, availability and size of the market are all information, etc. are vital information that will aid your success.
  1. Develop a Passion
    Agriculture is NOT a get rich quick scheme and at times there will be countless struggles. You need a strong passion to get through the difficult times – the desire to “get rich” will not be enough.
  1. Start Small
    Take one step at a time and learn the basics before you grow your agribusiness. Many people try to grow too big too fast and end up falling right on their faces. For example, if you want to be a successful poultry farmer considers starting with 20-50 birds – and once you get that right, take the next step to 100-200 birds.
  1. Hygiene and Biosecurity
    Over 75% of the failures we hear about are likely due to unclean environments and poor biosecurity measures. You NEED to regularly clean the farm, keep your animals in a warm and dry environment, vaccinate properly, have footbaths at the entrance, give proper nutrition etc. If you ignore this, your animals will not be happy or productive and you will NEVER see success.
  1. Don’t Give Up
    The journey is going to be hard and you will experience many failures. Please understand that thousands of us are going through the same things and you are NOT ALONE. Get up and start again, we all believe in you. Remember that nothing good comes easy.
  1. Be Prepared
    Before you start any venture you need to do your research, get the right education, create a plan and talk to other farmers in your network. So many farmers are making SIMPLE MISTAKES and losing THOUSANDS just because they have not spent the time to learn the basics. Consider taking a look at some online courses to take the right first steps.

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