Locust Invasion contained in Namibia as spraying proves effective

The Namibian government has revealed that the African red migratory locusts which ravaged parts of the country have been subjected after weeks of spraying combat.

It said that the feat was achieved after the Namibian Defence Force (NDF) deployed the use of spraying aircraft to nullify the pests.

The African migratory red locust had reportedly invaded the country and held farmlands bound for months, destroying about 500 hectares of grazing land in the Zambezi region.

The invasion which began on August 12, 2020, in the region was notorious in Muzi, Namiyundu, Ivilivizi, Lusese, Ihaha, and Nakabolelwa areas.

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It was also very grave at Masikili, Malindi, Ibbu, Ngala, Muyako, Mahundu, Machita, Kikiya, Kanono, Muketela, Linyanti, Chinchimani, and Kapani areas.

Speaking on the development, Zambezi Regional Governor, Lawrence Sampofu, said during an interview that the outbreak was contained.

The governor said, “We are still spraying these locusts. The situation is under control. We have people spraying on foot and vehicles.

“We are also using the aircraft for aerial spraying. In the areas we sprayed, the pests are minimized but they are still coming back”.

Sampofu also revealed that over 4,000 hectares in four affected constituencies namely Kabbe North, Kabbe South, Katima Rural, and Sibbinda have been sprayed.

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According to reports also, the University of Namibia (UNAM) interdisciplinary team joined the NDF and agriculture officials’ team in Zambezi to combat the pest.

Meanwhile, scientists at the university said they determined a pattern to the locust migration and made available the information to the NDF to tackle the scourge.

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