Ghanaian Farmer awarded for anti-bushfire campaign at Adaklu

The Adaklu District Assembly has awarded Mr Lucky Kofi Gbeda from Adaklu Anfoe for being the best anti-bushfire campaigner in the District.

He was given four cutlasses, a radio set, one plastic bowl, three pairs of wellington boots, one knapsack sprayer, four bars of key soap and a certificate.

Phanuel Donkor Kadey, the Adaklu District Chief Executive, said bushfires had become an annual affair in the District, which needed to be minimised if not stopped completely.

He reminded the people that indiscriminate bush burning destroyed both flora and fauna and accounted for the erratic rainfall pattern.

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That affected not only crops but livestock as well as reduced the economic fortunes of farmers, he said.

He, therefore, appealed to the people, especially hunters, farmers, herdsmen and palm wine tappers to desist from indiscriminate bush burning to help save the environment, life and property.

Mr Donkor expressed gratitude to the staff of the Department of Agriculture “for standing tall in disseminating agricultural information and new technologies to farmers in the district during this Covid-19 times to the detriment of their lives.”

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