Kenya: Coffee Farmers to Upscale Production as New Deal is Signed

Following the completion of a new coffee deal signed through the New Kenya Planters Co-operative Union (New KPCU), hundreds of coffee farmers attached to the Nyeri-based Ruiru Factory are set to receive a boost in sales.

The new deal will see farmers deliver natural coffee to the New KPCU who will handle the milling and delivery of coffee to Crowd Farm Africa.

Crowd Farm Africa officer, Mr. Samuel Wachieni said the firm will export the freshly harvested coffee from the factory, while Jamii Coffee, USA will buy off the coffee.

“We as a firm have agreed to buy farmers coffee in its natural form what they need to do is just pick their crop dry the same in their factory without pulping, this will save farmers a lot of money,” he said.

Wachieni also revealed that the freshly harvested coffee from the farms would be sold at an agreed price of Sh65 per kilo.

He said the development has encouraged hundreds of coffee farmers to engage in more coffee production activities.

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On his part, KPCI chairperson, Henry Kinyua, added that buying fresh coffee from farms was best for the revival of the industry.

“We as a body has embraced this model because coffee production in the county has gone to an all-time low, indeed we are only producing twenty metric tonnes of coffee which are way below our capacity

“He said that in the arrangement they will dry the crop further after receiving produce from farmers and mill the same to ensure its natural taste is retained,” he said.

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Lauding the development, a coffee farmer, Joshua Ngatia, said the new deal has given farmers reasons to go back to coffee production.

“We as farmers have every reason to smile since we know how a payout we can work with while producing our crop the sector revival is on its way,” he said.

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