Fuamah Set to Become Liberia’s Rice Hub as Government launches 300-acre Farmland

The Liberian government has commissioned a privately-owned 300-acre rice farmland launched to uplift the livelihoods of smallholder farmers in the Lower Dobli Clan, Fuamah District, Bong County.

Owned and managed by James Nyumah, an agriculture practitioner and agro-producer, the 300-acre farmland is set to open up jobs for lots of rice farmers in the district.

The farmland, according to the Minister for Agriculture, Jeanine M. Cooper will help establish the district and boost the production of rice in the Bong and the country at large.

In her remarks, Ms Cooper who visited the farm said that the ministry was also putting plans in place to provide more assistance to farmers to ease the burdens that they are facing.

“I am overwhelmed with pride to see the kind of work being done. This is the Liberia that I know; so even when people tell me that we cannot feed ourselves I tell them that this not true.

“The first thing President George Weah showed me after taking over the ministry is for us to establish rice hubs in places where the farmers are producing more to reduce post-harvest losses and make the food we eat more accessible on the market.

“I have travelled to so many parts of the country to see what farmers are doing and have recognized their potentials

“I discovered from a report long time that one of the rice-producing areas in this country is in Fuamah District

“There are lots of assistance that can ease the burdens of farmers. This is one of the first farms that I have seen which is very impressive.

“This farm is going to be a full part of our work as you will soon see the benefits. To start with, we are getting some manual threshers on this farm very soon,” she said.

On his part, Nyumah told the minister that the initiative seeks to buttress the government’s effort to reduce hunger and create jobs for members of the communities.

According to Nyumah, he has established 300 acres of upland rice, 25 acres of lowland rice, 325 acres of improved oil palm, and 150 acres of cocoa farm in the district.

“The initiative is geared toward supporting the government’s agenda for agriculture under pillar two of the Pro-Poor Agenda for transformation and prosperity, which is aligned with fighting zero hunger of sustainable goal one of the United Nations’ mandate,” he said.

Nyumah further stated that his projects have created job opportunities for many of the residents of the community and its nearby villages to support their families.

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