NDC Agents at ballot printing houses are sleeping – Kweku Baako

The Editor-In-Chief for Crusading Guide Newspaper, Abdul Kweku Baako, has challenged and debunked claims of opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), that the Electoral Commission (EC) is printing additional ballots to the official number of ballots for December 7 general elections.

According to the ace Journalist, he is of the knowledge that, with all the experiences the NDC has in election processes including monitoring of ballot printing, is now complaining about fraudulent printing of ballot by the EC, then their representatives at the printing houses are sleeping n the job.

He has refutes the allegations by the NDC when speaking on Accra-based Peace FM show “Kokrokoo”. He said;

“I am sure the NDC by the experience they have in the electoral process, their agents presenting them at the printing presses and despite their competences, let me make this presumption that maybe they go there to sleep”

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The opposition NDC has bee raising allegations against the EC of trying to rig the elections in favor for incumbent New Patriotic Party(NPP) by printing additional ballots to the official number.

They say despite the agreement of all political parties with the EC to print the exact number of ballots to tally that of registered voters, the EC is now requesting to print additional 150,000 ballots which is 5% the ballot sheets for each polling station.

The NDC says the EC is arguing to use the extra ballots to replace all spoilt ballot sheets.

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However Mr. Baako said ” Since 1992, the NDC knows everything. They should be specific with their allegations since the election count down is closer…they should stop making unfounded allegations” when speaking on Peace Fm.

The EC on other hand, has refuted NDC’s claims.

A statement from EC reads “The NDC alleges that the Commission has secretly increased the number of ballot papers being printed by the Assembly Press Limited, one of the printing houses selected to print the 2020 ballots. This is untrue and we entreat the Public to disregard this falsehood.”

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